Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 589: Hong Kong!

30 June, 2011

This morning I made my way to Hong Kong, for a business meeting. It is my first trip there, so that alone was exciting.

From what I could get to see of it the whole day, which was not much because I was working throughout, these made the most impression:

a) The runway along the ocean, which is pretty welcoming
b) The very interesting and different landscape of the city - it's a wonderful combination of hills, ocean, bridges and skyscrapers.
c) The city centre that is very similar to Bangkok with its narrow roads, small entrances to shops and an international feel with several signs shouting out Indian, Thai, Italian, eateries.
d) The super narrow double decker bus that seemed to be half the width of those in other parts of the world.
e) The "cute" hairdo with bangs that almost every other young man seemed to sport and which they keep on adjusting every other minute.
f) How everyone seems to be speaking English in a different accent from one another.

So yes, that's pretty much what I noticed of Hong Kong. As of now, I quite like it!

411 more to go.

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