Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 514: What's Next?

15 April, 2011

Today's Vishu - Malayalam New Year.

Interestingly enough, 5 different people asked me the same question today - "What's next?".

That was interesting because there is no better time to reflect upon this question than on the New Year's Day. In any case, I had not made any resolutions on January 1 this year. So I figured that maybe the universe wants me to make use of this Vishu day to sit down and think about what's next.

So yes, I sat down and I thought.

And I came up with a list. It had three categories - Must Haves, Nice to Haves and Stretch Ideas (which are basically things I would do only if the Must Haves and the Nice to Haves are on track).

After I made that satisfactory list, I pondered for a moment and then crossed all of them out.

You see, I am extremely good at making resolutions and sticking to them. If I look back at my 2008, 2009, 2010 resolutions... all of them have been completed 100%. So my anal planning and organizing skills usually help me out with such stuff.

But for some reason I didn't make any resolutions for 2011, and I am thinking maybe that's for the best. Maybe this one year, I will take things as they come. No planning, no time management, no organizing, no knowledge of what's to come exactly in the next few weeks, months or the year. Maybe that would be an interesting change.

So what's next? I have no clue.

Just bring it on, I say.

486 more to go.

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