Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 503: Official Trailer Review!

4 April, 2011

Even though the audience reaction to Mausams has been super positive, we haven't been successful in getting any review done in the press. Simply because none of the media guys bothered to come for the film in spite of repeated requests. I guess they feel it's too small a film to bother with, which is fair of course.

So today, when I found an unexpected review of the Mausams trailer, I was on cloud nine! A leading Malayalam newspaper, Kerala Kaumudi had an article on small budget films and they talked about Mausams in it. Since the movie is not yet available to the public at large, they had gone through our website and had watched our trailer. It has resulted in a very positive review of the trailer!

The reviewer says the Mausams trailer is "enjoyable" and "different"! "Love the professional touch and everyone has done a good job. Surely a trailer that makes you want to watch the movie - which can be considered the success of the team".

Since this is the first official review of anything to do with Mausams, am super duper happy!

P.S.: Here is the link to the original article.

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