Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 502: Feedback!

3 April, 2011

Due to the grace of God, Mausams has been getting unbelievably positive feedback since its premiere night! Honestly, I had been expecting extreme reactions to the film - people who love it and people who hate it. But so far, the general crowd seems to be tending to the former. And that is such an indescribable feeling! I can't stop counting my blessings!

Even though the feedback has been coming in one after the other the last two days, I got a call from a person today which really took me to cloud nine. I know him strictly on a "Hi-Bye" basis and he didn't even have my number. But he happened to watch the film, then bothered to dig up my number from somewhere and called me up to give me his feedback. He was literally gushing over the phone, going into the minutest details and somehow the conversation with him made me feel so very good!

Another friend, who is one of the most cynical and skeptical persons around, also was articulate with his compliments. He made me kinda feel like I have got it right this time!

In a nutshell, am a very, very happy person. All that trouble over the past 1.5 years is beginning to look worthwhile!

498 more to go.

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