Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 508: People for Mausams!

9 April, 2011

Today I was back for the Mausams screening. It was almost full house and included several of our friends from university, some close family friends and even my boss from work! It was quite fun watching the show with them and they seemed to have enjoyed it too. I got some good feedback (probably highly biased but still!) and everyone was super nice to me after the show.

On top of this, quite a few small events left a mark...

One member of the audience came up to me, hugged me and said, "Gosh, I was tearing so much! It was so touching!"... while another immediately after said "You know I was tearing so much... because it was so hilarious!". Extreme differences in reaction but both made me immensely happy!

Silly as it sounds, I even gave my first autograph as a director today (this was for someone I met for the first time)... it was quite amusing!

One of my friends took a picture of the Mausams ticket and put it up on Facebook... her comment on it was "If you haven't, you should". I was super touched!

A complete stranger who had contacted me post watching the film, showed her immense frustration at the fact that Mausams did not get any coverage in the local Singapore media. The fact that she sounded more concerned about the whole deal than I myself am, was very, very sweet!

Another person whom I know via a friend and who watched the show too, has taken it up on his own shoulders to find me a distributor. It doesn't matter whether he gets successful or not, but the thought really counts!

In short, lots of support, lots of love, lots of happiness.

492 more to go.

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