Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 505: Hubby's Colleagues!

6 April, 2011

Today was my second time watching Mausams with the public. This time the audience consisted primarily of the hubby's colleagues.

And I must say I was very touched by their support! It was almost like they had a major office outing, several of them went out in a big group for dinner and drinks and then came for the film. It was a very nice experience watching the film with them, they were quite appreciative of the movie and of course, the hubby turned out to be a real hero!

There were also a few unexpected people at the screening (not part of the office mob) who came up to me and gave very positive feedback about the movie. Needless to say the cloud nine continues! :)

495 more to go.


  1. shudnt it be '495 more to go'? :D

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  3. very well must be.. have changed and thanks for pointing out! :)