Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 501: Getting to 501 & World Cup!

2 April, 2011

I took a considerable break since I wrote my last blog... not because I was way too busy but because I was seriously contemplating giving up on the blog-writing. After the brilliant coincidence of the 500th day falling on the same day as Mausams Premiere, I thought I could just end it all in style. Maybe the blog was meant to be about "Making of Mausams" rather than turning 30 (which by the way, I had not thought about in a really long time). Plus of course, am feeling incredibly lazy after so many months of back breaking work.

But looks like I will continue. Firstly, because I have too big an ego. If someone looks at me disappointingly and asks, "What?! You gave up?!"...I would wanna kick that person first and then kick myself. Secondly, I had a few people encouraging me to carry on and I really appreciate that. I got a few messages on Facebook from my friends and the hubby too told me that I would be a moron to stop.

So, I have decided to carry on. and thus we get to day 501.

Day 501 is special because today India won the World Cup in Cricket for the first time in the last 28 years! I had been completely out of touch with the whole world cup, thanks to Mausams, and even for this game, I watched only the last 6 overs. But it was still great to witness the victory of the nation!

499 more to go.

P.S. I am just sharing below one of the encouraging messages I got on Facebook. In case I feel like ditching this blog idea some time in future, I think this would be a nice reminder.

My status update said: "Still wondering whether to go for Day 501 on the blog. Surely the next 500 can't be this colourful?"

And this was the reply: "No, it cant. It's probably going to be more colourful! And you will simply not know unless you paint those emotions in words."

Very valid point, that.