Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 512: Fellow Filmie Fanatics!

Mausams has definitely made me famous. OK fine, famous is too aggressive a term... but what I mean is that more people seem to know me than before. Or more people seem to want to know me than before.

Now, the people in question here are primarily those who have an interest in film making. None of them are the famous big shots but more like regular people like myself who have got little to do with the film industry but still love cinema.

For the past one week, I had been getting quite a few messages and emails from strangers who have either watched Mausams or have read articles on Mausams on Indian newspapers like the Hindu and Mathrubhumi, then somehow dug up my contact and dropped in a word. Basically they want to know more about how I got the film done with little or no resources, how I simultaneously managed work and film making, what the response to the film was like in Singaore etc. or they simply want to congratulate me on getting the movie done or give their feedback on the film trailer, website, theme song etc. Needless to say, I find the whole deal very sweet and encouraging!

Today fared a bit high on such messages - I actually got 5 new friend requests on Facebook, again from people who are all interested in film making one way or the other. One of them even mentioned that he would be in Singapore next week and would love to have a chat with me to learn more about how I made Mausams!

Not just that... today I even actually got a call all the way from India from someone who is an assistant director to a leading film maker in Malayalam and who read an article about Mausams. Honestly, in the beginning, I was a little taken aback by the call. But it was pleasant enough - the caller basically said that he wished he had known about this project from the beginning and would have loved to be part of it, he hasn't seen the film yet but from what he has seen in the trailer, poster and website... he likes the quality and feel of the product, he said that he would like to work with me some time, if ever, in the future and that I should continue to make more films and never stop.

It was a very unexpected experience, but of course. It left me rather surprised and amused. So much so that I called one of the cast members staying nearby who came over immediately (which was very nice of her, I must add) and we chatted about this incident as well as the whole Mausams experience for a while. She too can't believe what this has turned out to be!

Anyway, I guess am still riding the Mausams wave. Am not sure where all this is going but even if it all ends up in nothing more, it is still always nice to hear from fellow filmie fanatics!

488 more to go.


  1. so, does this mean, that a plain film buff like me, with no intentions of making movies, cannot send you a friend request on FB? :)

    just asking!! ;)

  2. lol...! not at all... those are even more special! ;)