Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 513: Movie Marathon!

14 April, 2011

I was way too sick to make it to work today. The horrible flu continued and my sore throat had gone from bad to worse. So instead of dragging myself to work and being unproductive (or rather, being destructive by spreading all those germs around), I took a sick leave and confined myself to my house the whole day.

It then dawned upon me that today's the Tamil New Year and also the eve of the Malayalam New Year, Vishu. So as I lay sprawled on the couch, going in and out of very disturbed slumber, I let the Tamil and Malayalam TV channels play in the background. They had several new films playing one after the other as part of the New Year celebrations.

Now, all the movies were pretty bad - some, shockingly so.. but I had them play in the background anyway. It is always nice to keep hearing Malayalam and Tamil - even when the content is super flawed.

So yes, I had a nice long whole day Movie marathon which helped to perk up an otherwise snotty-phlegmy day.

487 more to go.

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