Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 499: Oh Well!

31 March, 2011

I had a wish. Rather, I used to imagine something up in my head that used to make me quite pleased with myself. It was about how on this day, March 31st 2011, a day before Mausams premiere, I would be sitting relaxed and happy and satisfied with the work that I have done and would be writing out a long blog entry about my movie-making experience which would have been successfully completed.

So here is the latest update - that will remain a wish or a figment of my imagination.

Because, 31st March is pretty much over and we are still struggling to burn the DVD for the film. We are sitting and figuring out all the back up plans possible and multiple people are working on multiple computers trying to get everything done and success still looks far away.

But that doesn't make the day downright pathetic, suprisingly enough. Today the in-laws came over from India with the primary intent of attending Mausams premiere. And they fed us well with home-made yummilicious food as we struggled on continuously with the technical issues.

I must also take this opportunity to mention that today my darling father retired from his work after decades of being a banker. Since his hard work had got a lot to do with where I am today, I guess this would be my way of saying a quick thanks!

So yeah, in my head this day should have been a lot different. But looks like sometimes things simply don't go according to what's inside one's head. Oh well. In such situations, let's just hope for the best.

501 more to go.


  1. 'all things work out in the end. If they haven't worked out, it's not the end'

  2. :)

    thanks rohan... yes, it did all work out better than expected at the end...