Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 506: Inarticulate!

7 April, 2011

It's rather late at night and I have a very early and long day tomorrow but I decided to write the blog tonight itself. Because this can't and shouldn't wait.

Today I was truly humbled by the love and support from my friends and family. An article regarding Mausams and thereby inevitably featuring me came on a leading newspaper in India called The Hindu. Since morning I have been bombarded with calls and messages from friends and family congratulating and wishing me all the best.

What was very touching was that several of my friends from school shared that article on the Facebook page, together with anecdotes from my school days. I was surprised that they even remember these things! It was all so overwhelming and honestly, my vocabulary is not elaborate enough for me to adequately explain how I feel right now.

In the evening, I went for yet another screening for Mausams, this time with my lovely team from SK-II who have been supportive in anything I have ever done. Once again I had a great time with that gang of fun ladies!

Let me just say that today was a very wonderful day, a day which I am pretty sure am doing zero justice to, with my lack of good articulation skills!

494 more to go.

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