Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 861: Moulin Rouge!

When Moulin Rouge, the musical film, came out some time in 2001, I was a huge fan. More of its music than the film itself. It was my first musical film experience and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It even got me to be an assistant director for a musical in my university called 'Beauty World', and also to later write, produce and direct one on my own called 'Bollywood Beats'.

Anyway, point being that I was quite the fan of Moulin Rouge. After regularly listening to all its songs for the longest time, I guess I moved on and completely forgot about them until today.

Today I happened to listen once again a bit from Moulin Rouge on TV, and immediately I went on to YouTube to get hold of the rest of the songs. And I spent pretty much the whole evening listening to them over and over again, especially my favorites - Come what may, Elephant love medley and Your song. Not only did I listen to them, I also blared along at the top of my voice. Evan McGregor's pitch completely matches mine and I could sing along for most of them!

What a blast!

139 more to go.

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