Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 843: Curd Rice!

Curd Rice, the nice simple dish that the South Indian Tamil Brahmins had once invented, is probably one of my most favourite dishes. It is a sure shot satisfactory meal for me.

I spent the whole day today at home, catching up on some work, given that I had missed a lot of it over the last week thanks to my sickness. In other words, I was having a considerably boring Sunday, until it was time for dinner.

I expressed my sudden desire to have curd rice and my North Indian husband, to my surprise, offered to make this dish for me, by following an online recipe.

And with great pomp and show (and no, he took no help from our maid, just imagine), he whipped up some authentic curd rice!

And to my bigger surprise as well as his, it turned out pretty perfect!

I enjoyed the lovely curd rice together with some pickle and felt really good! It was truly the highlight of the day - the South Indian dish by the North Indian hubby for his South Indian wife!

Now he is very seriously considering joining Masterchef. Oh well.

157 more to go.

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