Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 841: Producer's Representatives?!

Yesterday, the only silver linings in my day were due to my Malayalam short film Iganeyum Oru Katha and I had mentioned in the post on how nice it feels when something you had worked on a while ago, comes back to perk you up in an otherwise super low day.

Today too, the silver lining was thanks to a project I had worked on a while ago - Mausams!

It was another rather awful day, thanks to the flu and sickness, but Mausams came to the rescue! I got a very surprise note from a company based out of US, who are "producers representatives" and who want to have a call with me next week to talk the distribution opportunities for Mausams!

How cool is that?!

Super cool, in my opinion!

Of course, I am very well aware of the fact that nothing might come out of the call next week - I mean, if this means making an upfront payment with them etc., I wouldn't be interested at all. But even then, I think it is super cool to be considered for distribution opportunities by professional producer's representatives for a film that was meant to be nothing more than a home video!

So, am super happy!

159 more to go.

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