Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 851: Walking!

For some reason, ever since I cribbed about my sickness on this blog, it has reduced considerably! But I am still very weak and want to lie down every other hour. So much so that I didn't even end up going to office but instead resorted to working from home. I have this big presentation tomorrow, I wanted to preserve whatever energ I have to prepare for it rather than commute to the office.

But in the evening I felt that maybe the weakness and lethargy is due to lack of any physical activity more than anything else. So I decided to just go for a walk. I was really beginning to miss the jogging and hot yoga etc but those are far off dreams now. But walking is safe and even highly recommended.

So I set out for a long, leisurely walk! It felt good to be out of the house and feel like I was doing something other than sitting in front of the laptop or lying down.

I took one of my usual jogging routes and walked it - it took me like 3 times the amount of time to completele the circuit than usual and with additional sitting on the benches and gazing at fellow walkers/joggers etc. but it was fun.

I felt productive, energetic and at peace!

149 more to go.

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