Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 857: School Friend & Family!

It is always lovely to meet up with your friends from school but unfortunately such occasions tend to be very rare given that everyone from school, i.e the close friends, are scattered around the world.

But today I got to meet up with a dear friend from school, who has recently moved to Singapore! It's probably been about 13 years since we last met each other. We had lost touch since I moved to Singapore but thanks to Facebook, we had found each other once again just a couple of years ago.

And now her company has moved her to Singapore and she is here with her parents and her baby.

Today all four came over to my place and we hit it off like we've never had a gap of 13 years! It was really cool! Not just me but my mom also hit it off very well with all of them and we had the most pleasant evening, catching up on each other's lives and sharing the unavoidable school and hometown gossip!

Very happy to have a part of the old school life here in Singapore!

143 more to go.

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