Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 849: Venturing Out & Recognitions!

I mentioned here about how sick I had been and how I had been cooped up in my house for several days now.

Today I decided that enough was enough and that it was indeed time to try venturing out. Brave it out in the big, scary world outside where I could potentially make a fool out of myself by throwing up all over the place. (As a side note, I must mention that these are the times you really feel thankful for good health all this while! Seriously, even a supposedly-a-happy-event-induced sickness such as this, really saps you out and I can't wait to feel better and like my usual self!)

Anyway, with a lot of determination, I ventured to get lunch from my favorite Swadhisht, together with the hubby.

Interestingly, I couldn't even make it until there. The cab dropped us a few 100 meters away and I suddenly felt like I would faint if I didn't get any food inside me immediately! I felt certain that I wouldn't survive the walk to Swadhisht, nor the usual waiting time there. I needed food, right there and then!

So we walked into the nearest restaurant, Komala Vilas, and I had a satisfactory meal of Rasam Idli. Then feeling adequately nourished, I went to get my eyebrows done. A small beauty ritual but one that made me feel a lot less clumsy and a lot better than I did in the last several days!

Then it was time for Swadhisht. Surely I wasn't gonna go back home without getting my dose of Swadhisht which was what I had ventured out for in the first place! So yes, we made our way to Swadhisht where I had my fill of their awesome Puttu and Kadala. Yum! As you can see, appetite is never an issue.

But it was not all about food. When we were at Swadhisht, two interesting things happened.
1) An aunty who watched IOK, during its recent premiere at the Singapore Malayalee Association, was there and she talked at length to me about how much she enjoyed the film! That was really nice of her and I couldn't stop beaming!

2) After that conversation with the aunty, just as we were enjoying the Puttu and Kadala, this other couple who were also eating there, stopped by our tables on their way to the cashier counter. Upon confirming that I am indeed the person who made Mausams, they told us that they had watched the film, enjoyed it thoroughly and wanted to simply congratulate me! Totally unexpected and very touching! Once again, I beamed like an idiot and said about a hundred "Thank You"s!

The venturing out was totally worth the trouble, I must say!

After the successful trip, I got back home to take some rest because all that excitement made me feel super weak. And no, all that eating didn't quite help in overcoming the weakness.

After adequately resting at home, in the evening, we ventured out once again! Yup, I was on fire! It was like I couldn't bear to be at home at all!

This time, we made our way to the Marina Bay Sands hotel where a friend had booked a room and invited the rest of our gang for dinner. So, much of the evening was spent there and I thoroughly enjoyed all the socializing!

It was indeed a successful day of venturing out - the food, the beauty routine, getting recognized for my movies, and spending time with friends and of course just simply enjoying the Singapore outdoors was great!

151 more to go.

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