Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 840: IOK Silver Linings!

It was actually an awful day because I was awfully sick.

A flu made me stick to my house the whole day and I was in bad shape throughout.

BUT, thankfully there was a silver lining. Actually, not one but two.

When I was just cursing all the viruses of the world, giving God a piece of my mind for making me feel oh-so-awful, hating the fact that I am stuck at home, etc. I happened to receive two messages from two different people, both telling me how much they enjoyed IOK at its premiere last Saturday!

That was incredibly sweet and it immediately perked me up! It's like something I had worked on a while ago has come back to make me feel better at one of my low points! How awesome is that?!

IOK silver linings completely made my day!

160 more to go.

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