Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 852: Presentation, Contract & Egg Roast!

What an eventful day!

OK time for a list!

1) I had a big presentation at work to one of our big bosses. I had been preparing for it for quite a while now and it went off very well!

2) I spent an entire day at office - right from 9 am to 6 pm which is something I had not managed in the last couple of weeks thanks to the sickness. I had either been going a bit late or coming off early because I find it hard to manage otherwise. But today I spent a whole day there and that made me feel pretty good! It makes me feel like am getting my usual life back!

3) The contract with the Hollywood producers representative company that I had written about here, was finalized! From now on, Mausams is officially represented by Ostrow & Company based out of Beverly Hills, California! How cool is that?!

4) Last but not the least, I came back home and felt like I had a bit more energy to spare and hence, decided to cook Egg Roast in true Kerala style! Known as Naadan Mutta Roast in Malayalam, this is one of my most favourite dishes and I had a sudden craving for it today. So I dug up a recipe online and made it myself. It was yummmm and I felt on top of the world, especially when the hubby too shared the same enthusiasm about the Egg Roast!

So an eventful, satisfactory day!

148 more to go.

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