Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 842: Kahaani!

'Kahaani' is the latest Bollywood Hindi film release and I happened to catch it today. Without a doubt, it was the highlight of the day!

It was delightful to watch Kahaani because

1) It is a very good suspense thriller which is not usually one of Bollywood's strong points. In fact, usually the suspense flicks in Hindi are either lifted off Hollywood, or are just so full of cliches that you are not exactly left in suspense, or worse still, has more "masala" (i.e. unwanted entertainment elements such as songs, dances, ridiculous romantic angles etc.) than what should be there in a thriller. But Kahaani didn't have any of the above and had a solid execution based on a strong script and screenplay. The music, editing, casting, etc. were perfect and I was very impressed.

2) More importantly, it was the true comeback of a director. Sujoy Ghosh, the director, had made his debut with a cute, lovable film called Jhankaar Beats which I remember enjoying quite a bit in my college days. However a couple of years ago, he made a disastrous fantasy film called Aladin. What made him make that, or how he could even make that absolutely atrocious over the top retarded film like that was beyond me. I was rather disappointed because I had thought the guy had some real talent in him. But then he made Kahaani! A completely different film from both Jhankaar Beats and Aladin and several notches higher than about 95% of Bollywood films! Now that is a true comeback, if any! I am sure he would have received a lot of flak for Aladin, but he has proven that he is still very much in the game! A real comeback story, that makes me quite happy!

158 more to go.

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