Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 859: Eventful vs. Expectations!

After that rather disastrous day yesterday with its last minute redemption via sketching, I had very little hope for a good, or more importantly productive day.

But it turned out to be pretty eventful, or at least as eventful as things seem to get these days.

My day began with a call with the Ostrow and Company folks for a strategy session.

Then today, I actually managed to do a lot of work unlike yesterday when I struggled.

Then I ended up revising the artwork for Mausams DVD case and DVD itself, as a next step from the strategy session. Also a next step was to figure production stills for each of their various requirements.

Post all of that, I went for a 4.5km walk with my mom, which made me feel pretty productive also!

I also received quite a few movie making related emails today - two from people who want to be pa of my next project, whenever that may be and one from a friend so wanted me to review his storyline for a film. I responded to all three and felt inexplicably pleased about the whole deal.

Nett, it definitely was a more eventful and productive day than I had expected and that makes me feel really good !

141 more to go.

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