Sunday, May 6, 2012

Days 897 - 899: A Normal Weekend, Almost!

4 - 6 May, 2012

I was determined to make this as normal a weekend as possible. Reason being that next week am hoping to attend office regularly - the amount of work thats pending is just insane and I cant push back anymore, no matter how sick I am. But it had to start with the weekend - take baby steps of going out of the house, have meals outside, spend more than a couple of hours at a stretch outside, do a bit of shopping etc were all on the agenda.

And I must say I was successful to a large extend. The energy fizzled out by Sunday evening but till then, I managed to keep myself going. Some highlights:

A) Stepping out for dinner outside after a really long time. On Friday dinner was at Shahi Maharani in Raffles City, City Hall. When I stepped out of the cab, I was completely taken aback by the weekend crowd in City Hall! There were just So Many people! I was so overwhelmed and felt a bit lost, even! I couldn't have thought that seeing so many people after being with just my maid and the hubby for so many days, would have such an overwhelming impact! Anyway that was interesting.
B) Dinner at Shahi Maharani was awesome too! Their Biriyani is just way too awesome!
C) Finally watching Avengers!!! What an awesomely entertaining movie! Loved it!
D) Saturday Dinner at Kailas Parbat with my cinematographer and his mon (quite a darling she was!) and the great conversation we had! Oh also the joy of having chaat after so long!
E) Sunday Breakfast at Lakshmi Narasimhan with friends and lunch at dear old Swaadhishth!

And after that, like I mentioned, the energy dipped. On Sunday evening, I was even happily sitting on a pavement and refusing to move because I was certain of throwing up if I did. Anyway, so let's skip that part.

But yay! An almost normal weekend! Feels SO good!

101 more to go.

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