Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 919: Peaked Activity!

It was a Saturday of peaked activity!

Started with a nice long swim. Longest one post being pregnant, at 10 laps!

Then I went into a marathon cleaning spree at home. So many things have been hoarded over the last few years and especially the study was in a horrendous pile of stuff that has gathered over months of film making. With considerable effort for a few hours, the hubby and I managed to clear up everything which made me feel super good.

And then of course, the inevitable happened. I got dead tired. Like, Dead. Tired.

That meant an afternoon siesta.

But activity didn't stop there. In the evening we went to my favourite place Kailas Parbat and had a ton of chaat. Yum!

Then I came back and continued to read my Agatha Christia Omnibus and also managed to get a little bit of office work done.

So there - swimming, cleaning, eating, sleeping, reading, working all in one day. Nothing compared to my pre-pregnancy days but a LOT compared to my average pregnancy day.

81 more to go.

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