Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 908: Night Shift!

It almost felt like I had a night shift today because my work, or the most important part of it, started at 6pm and lasted well into the night. We had a video conference call with different parts of the world for a presentationand this was the time that was the most suitable. So the whole morning I was preparing for the presentation and then in the evening set out to the venue of the call, which happened to be my company's new office in a location pretty much at the other end of Singapore. It is not the first time that am having these late night calls, but it was the first time when work felt like it started in the evening and went for a bit, that too in such new surroundings.

The late night video call in a whole new facility, the trip to a far end of the country for a meeting at that time of the night, being in the new office, etc. were all novelties. So I did enjoy that and oh, the presentation went very well so that was double special!

92 more to go.

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