Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 918: One Little Wave!

Had a wonderful visit to the gynae! I was accompanied by the hubby, dad in law and mom in law and together as a big happy family, we made our way for the appointment and had quite an experience. 

During the ultrasound scan, for which the hubby and mom in law were present, we could see that the baby has developed a lot of the bone structure and was moving around pretty actively. At one point in time, much to our excitement, he/she even waved (or at least put a little hand up with fingers wide open which I imagined to be a wave) at us! That was super exciting! 

The rest of the evening was spent on discussing all the details of the visit over and over and over again, both in our home as well as over Skype with my mom who is back in Kerala. Very obviously, parents and grandparents don't tire themselves discussing the activities of their children/grandchildren, in this case the highlight being a little 3-second wave! 

82 more to go. 

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