Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 905: Bhakti Gaanangal!

Bhakti Gaanangal basically means devotional songs in Malayalam. And that's what I listen to these days. It's not because I have suddenly found myself spiritually uplifted but because I recently happened to come across a lot of these songs that I had grown up listening to. And listening to them makes me not only nostalgic but also makes me feel incredibly calm and at peace. For the sake of fellow Malayalis, these include songs like "Vadakkumnatha", "Thiruvaranmula Krishna", "Kani kaanum neram", "Harivaraasanam" etc.

This morning, inspite of the fact that it was a Saturday, I was up bright and early and spent a considerable amount of time listening to these songs! A perfect start to the weekend, if you ask me!

95 more to go.

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