Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 906: Morning Family Swim!

I haven't been out for a swim in the morning, for like.... Ages! And I realize it is such a different and enjoyable experience! It is always good to start the day off with exercise but that's. something that I hardly do, mainly due to my love for oversleeping especially on weekends. But today I was up bright and early, inspite of it being a Sunday and all set for a swim. Sure, the pouring rain did dampen a bit of that enthusiasm but it soon gave away for bright sunshine and I was out to the pool!

And I had an enjoyable eight laps!

It was also fun because both the hubby and dad in law joined me in the pool. While I swam, the hubby taught his dad how to swim and much to all our surprise, he was swimming within half an hour! Mom in law, meanwhile, sat at the edge of the pool and watched our antics and responded to my regular waves and "hi"s to her!

A very nice start to a good Sunday!

94 more to go.

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