Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 920: Girlfriends, Canopy, Great Dane!

Lovely Sunday! Totally chilled out after the peaked activity yesterday!

It started with a brunch with my "girlfriends" (basically the two lead girls from Mausams who are my close friends, but I just love the sound of saying my girl friends because it makes me feel so Tai-Tai-ish for no apparent reason), at what seems to be turning out to be our regular hangout - Canopy @ Bishan Park. So in an open air surrounding of thick vegetation, we had a lovely brunch over some lovely conversation. The weather was just perfect for the brunch. Cool, cloudy with a nice breeze! I had the best time ever!

And then the girlfriends left and my in laws and hubby joined for lunch at the same place! In laws hadnt been to Canopy before and they really enjoyed the atmosphere there as well.

While we were at Canopy (which is a pet cafe) I saw the most handsome dog - a HUGE pure bred Great Dane! She was at least as tall as my shoulder level and was like the loveliest thing ever! In spite of her huge size, she was so very gentle. Other dogs in the cafe were completely terrified of her but she was so friendly towards all of them! I watched her for as long as she was around and needless to say, fell in love with her! Sigh!

So anyway, as you can see, it was the perfect chilled Sunday morning - just chatting, eating, watching the lovely Great Dane whom I love!

80 more to go. 

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