Thursday, May 3, 2012

Days 895 - 896: Aloo Gobi, Chilli Chicken & Szechuan Fried Rice!

2 - 3 May, 2102

That list in the title is not what I ate but what I made in the last 2 days! And needless to say, am super happy about it because the hubby, the only one I experiment these on, gave an excellent verdict on all! Of course the chicken and fried rice are more exotic but you may wonder what's the big deal about this common dish of Aloo Gobi. The big deal is that I hardly come across Aloo Gobi that's made exactly the way I like it, and that includes cooking by me. But this time I got it perfect and of course that's a big deal!

I don't have the picture of Aloo Gobi but I do have a picture of the other two!

So proud!

104 more to go.

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