Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 911: One Novel, One Night!

A good wrap of a super hectic week at work!

After enjoying another awesome dinner cooked by my mom in law after the long Friday, I settled down with my new Agatha Christie Omnibus with four of her novels from the 1920s. I had read about 5% of the first novel over the last few days but wanted to do some quality reading, the kind I had not done for a while now.

And so I did my quality reading. I completed one whole novel of about 200 odd pages in one sitting, late into the night!

Loved the novel (really, Brit writing from the 1920s is of a totally different kind and Agatha Christie's work was pretty light, easy and entertaining), and I felt really good about consuming the whole thing in one go!

89 more to go.

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