Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 912: East & West!

Pretty nice Saturday.

First, the in-laws, hubby and I had lunch at the hubby's partner's place. Over some great food and conversation, we spent some quality time with his family.

Then in the evening we decided to take it easy and just probably visit Junction 8, the closest mall to my place. There we introduced the in-laws to authentic Chinese cuisine - Dim Sum! We went to Din Tai Fung and ordered dim sum, fried rice, soup, vegetables etc. It was a completely authentically eastern experience for the in-laws, because not just the food but even the atmosphere was 100% Chinese. We were the only non-Chinese people in the super packed restaurant and there were like 2 girls among the 30-odd service staff there who could barely speak any English. In-laws completely enjoyed this truly Chinese experience!

As we made our way back from Junction 8 to our place, it struck me that we could get some coffee or dessert from Dome. The Dome cafe at Bishan is very quaintly furnished in typical English style. Complete with wooden chairs, antique coffee machine displays, carved fruits and flowers on the walls etc., it was really as if we were somewhere in Europe. My in-laws loved the place and we spent some time there chatting away and reminiscing about our trip to Europe together last year!

So yeah, it was a East & West experience for them in one evening. They loved it and I loved it that they loved it!

88 more to go. 

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