Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 909: Full Routine - Check!

There were days when I used to celebrate getting a yoga posture perfectly right and being appreciated by the teacher for it. Of course that doesn't happen these days because I don't visit the studio anymore, but I have gotten a reason to celebrate the day thanks to Yoga again!

I had written before that I have started on pregnancy yoga at home, following a DVD which my yoga studio lended me. Wile this isn't as tiring or strenuous as the Bikram Yoga routine that we follow in the studio, it is still a one hour routine thats fairly challenging under the current conditions. And so far I had not been able to do it from first to last and have had to take breaks in between.

But today I managed to complete the entire routine the way it was done to be, which means I am finally getting used to it! Awesomeness!

Pregnency yoga routine - check!

91 more to go.

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