Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 914: Discussions & Discussions!

Yup, discussions & discussions. Over the phone, at home, over dinner, over breakfast, etc. etc.

About what?

About... whether the kid will be a boy or a girl!

It's totally amusing, really.

It's a topic where each of us - i.e. me, the hubby, parents, parents-in-law, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, everyone has something to contribute. But of course, the most intensive discussions are the ones at home between the four of us (i.e. the hubby, in laws and me) followed by the one with my parents on the phone.

As random as it may be, these discussions are quite fun. Everyone has a "gut", some have a preference, some simply know what it's going to be, some keep changing their minds, some have had a vision/dream telling them what it's going to be (beat that!), etc. etc.

This evening there was an extended version of the discussion and that was super fun also. Of course, there is no unanimous guess on what it's going to be and either which way everyone' gonna be happy about it. But for the time, this excitement is really fun!

86 more to go.

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