Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 467: Happy First. Panic Next. Or Not.

28 February ,2011

Eventful day, really.

For the first half of the day, I was feeling rather good. My HR manager had decided that I should present the film trailer at the monthly category-wide business update meeting. Initially I was apprehensive (almost embarassed actually) to talk about my film at that venue where everyone else would be talking business! But then I thought what the heck, let's see how it goes! It's free publicity after all!

So I did take the trailer there. My slot in the whole agenda came right at the end. I gave a quick background to the whole film experience and then played the trailer. It was my first moment of truth with a whole bunch of people (about 80 of them I think) sitting and watching and reacting to a part of Mausams. I must say they took to the trailer rather nicely. At the end of the presentation, I wanted to remind everyone that there would be tickets coming up soon but I realized that it took quite a long time for the applause to die down and for me to get a chance to say something. I am not sure whether the same thing would happen for the film, but as for now this made me really very happy.

Then came the panic part of the day. We had submitted for the film's censor certificate and are still waiting for the final rating. Initially the understanding was that we could proceed with ticketing etc., but the rating should be available before screening and we should be well in time for that. However, yesterday the bomb was dropped that even ticketing will not be possible without the rating being published!

That was a total disastrous situation. If we wait for the rating before ticketing starts, it means ticketing will be delayed which in turn means the publicity can't start on time which in turn means, in a nutshell, I won't be able to sell many tickets. Needless to say, I was upset. The only solution seemed to be pushing back the screenings. But that was easier said than done because so many cast and crew had friends and family flying down for the premiere and to change everyone's plans so last minute wouldn't be easy.

The panic lasted for about 5 minutes. Strangely enough I calmed down. The frustration evaporated and my brain started functioning in a chilled manner. Another option soon presented itself in my mind. I considered the idea of a closed door premiere - which means the close friends and family get a private screening which wouldn't need any censorship ratings and then we push back the rest of the screenings to the public post the ratings are out. That was a good solution really, because then all the special guests from abroad still get to watch the film on a big screen without having to change any of their plans and we get around the rating issue too.

I must say I was relieved. There was a solution after all. I would go to the extend of saying that I felt pretty pleased by my brainwave.

But more than that, I felt pleased that I could think through the situation calmly. I could have let the panic eat me out and make me cry and make me once again think that this film was the worst idea ever. Instead, I chose to sit down and think about it rationally.

Am not sure why I behaved in such a wise and saintly manner but for today, that was special.

533 more to go.


  1. Learn learn learn... :) what is amazing in all of the work you do, is that you never never say die... and never never stop learning, and teaching us!


  2. anu - haha... thank you! :P

    usha ma'm - wow... i dont know what to say but thank you so much! you really are very sweet! :)