Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 472: Puppies, Babies and Munnis

5 March, 2010

It was a packed Saturday. I was on the go from morning till late at night.

It all began with a quick photoshoot in the morning for which I had to get properly dressed and look more decent than I usually do. Objective was to have a decent picture to be sent to a magazine that would be featuring the Mausams story.

Then we went to the Mausams leading lady's house to see her new puppy. Had a great time there with other Mausams cast and crew folks who had also attended this big event. I must also make a special mention of the fascinating sight of my hubby hopping and skipping to avoid the pup going "Easy dude! Easy dude" throughout.

Then we went to a dance studio where the hubby's colleagues had gathered to learn Bollywood dancing for an upcoming offsite of theirs. Apparently they had decided that I would be the most suitable person to be their dancing coach, so I tagged along as well. The song they chose was the biggest items number of recent times - Munni Badnam Hui. Needless to say, I had the most wonderful time watching a number of Chinese folks as well as my hubby wiggle their hips to the song! And it was wonderful to be dancing after a long time as well!

Then we had visited a close friend's newborn baby. He was a peaceful child, hardly ever crying and not making a fuss when strangers picked him up. Just the kind I don't mind being around. So had a good time there as well.

This was then followed by the movie Tanu Weds Manu (which was entertaining enough) and a quick visit to Clarke Quay to pick up some supper. There we met a few of the inevitable NUS crowd and had a quick catch up with them. Quite fun as well.

So there we go... busy day but lotsa fun!

528 more to go.

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