Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 473: Publicity, Movies, Chai, Life

So publicizing a movie, even if it is only of the Mausams scale, is still quite a lot of work! I spent a few good hours working on separate customized notes to different media folks, answering a chunk of pending emails, writing to those friends and acquaintances whom I have not contacted yet regarding ticketing etc. But what was fascinating was that I didn't realize how the time passed. I was so engrossed in it that I skipped lunch and when I looked up at the time, I realized that it has been a few hours already. So that means I enjoyed the process thoroughly.

Then I decided to watch a couple of movies - I did a repeat viewing of Arabikatha (Malayalam) - one of the nicest, simplest, sweetest, most innocent pictures I have ever seen. Sheer brilliance. The next was The Great Indian Butterfly - an arthouse cinema but still with the support of a significant production house. That was different and interesting too.

So I was already pretty satisfied with my life on a Sunday.

Then the hubby, who had been out the whole day on work, came back home and suggested that we get dinner at some nice place to compensate for his absence on a Sunday (yeah... sweet, I know ...but may I point out that it was also because he didn't wanna watch the film Saat Khoon Maaf with me and instead wanted to watch cricket. So.). Accordingly we went to Shahi Maharani. After a decent dinner, we had their specialty... the most amazing Masala Chai. Yummmmm.

I felt life couldn't be better.

Then I came back home and my editor who was online, told me some stuff about Mausams that made me feel reassured about some problems that were beginning to crop up. The issues were beginning to worry me a lot but after the chat with him, I felt that the situation is under control.

With that I was convinced, yes... life can't be better.

527 more to go.

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