Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 469: Mausams & People!

2 March, 2011

Is it OK if I have nothing else to talk about other than Mausams for a few days? Because really, it seems to be bringing too much fun into my life right now!

Until now, my life was revolving around it but in a very different way. I was just continuously working on it with its fair share of ups and downs coming my way. Sure, that was fun too but now that the work is pretty much done and the screenings are about to begin, it's a totally different kind of fun!

Every other person I bump into asks me about the movie team is taking initiative to do publicity on their own without me having to coax and cajole.... people are messaging me about it, calling me about it.... some are sharing the links to ticketing and trailers with their friends.....everybody is just so nice and kind and so very supportive!

It's like I can't possibly express how grateful I am for all the positivity flowing in! I want to give everyone one huge hug and say a long "Thank Youuuuuuuu"! That's not possible but here is a virtual one nevertheless! God bless!

531 more to go.

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