Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 482: Publicity Passion!

15 March, 2011

Let me say it upfront. This one is for my publicity manager.

As I have written time and again on this blog, I am very... I mean VERY....much in awe of those who go beyond their basic call of duty to help others. And with Mausams, a lot of people have gone beyond their call of duty to help me or help this film develop...which not only leaves me in awe of them but I am also very grateful to these folks. This includes people like my editor and cinematographer to name a couple. And now my publicity manager.

Whenever I feel that am fighting a battle alone, it is people like her that really make my day. When she draws up extensive plans for ticketing, passionately brainstorms for more and more ideas, get downright frustrated about having not enough legs to do the running around, panics over the slow ticketing progress, I end up smiling. Not because I don't have the same frustrations or concerns about the ticketing but at least these feelings are not just mine. The fact that someone else is feeling as passionate about this project makes me feel really good!

So yes, this one is for you my dear.

518 more to go.

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  1. Aww. I appreciate that. Not that I'm less worried about ticketing, but I do :-) You made my day with this post :)