Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 479: Interview with Rupture

12 March, 2011

A few days ago, a lady from a production company Rupture had called me and said that they were making web infotainment series on Indians in different fields in Singapore and would like to profile me as the film maker in it. As highly amused as I was at the prospect of being called a "film maker" (after all, am only 1 feature film old and that too the most independent, experimental of it all), I accepted the offer.

Today was the shoot for it. The venue was the Arts House, same place where we would be premiering the film. The whole set up was casual and relaxed, the people were friendly, the anchor was hilarious and I was comfortable enough.

I don't know yet how much of what I spoke really made any sense, but it was total fun for sure!

A different experience!

521 more to go.

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