Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 470: A Suburban Evening

Today somehow both the hubby and I found ourselves back at home early in the evening. There was no yoga, no work be it on the film or anything else, no meeting friends, no running errands, nothing. Instead we had the whole evening at home without much to do.

So we did what couples in the suburbs are supposed to do. We cleaned up the house a bit...there were bags that were still unpacked after our holidays, there were letters from months ago that still remained unopened, there was stuff in the fridge that had not been touched for quite a while (yuck, I know) etc. We cleared all of it.

Then like a good suburban couple, we walked to the nearest mall, had dinner, walked around the neighbourhood a bit, and then got back home. A bit of T.V., a bit of reading, a bit of catching up on Facebook and other such chilled out activities continued.

Peaceful. Quiet. Calm. Lovely.

530 more to go.

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