Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 491: From Crappy to Not So Crappy

24 March, 2011

When I got back home after the BM college today, I heard from my technical crew who has been working on the sound design and background score work that they have lost 1.5 hours of sound design files because the system crashed. That's 75% of the movie. It had taken my composer cum sound designer weeks to get it done so far and now it's all gone. Pretty shitty stuff.

There was major disappointment, no doubt, but no body panicked. No body showed their frustration or even cribbed for that matter. They just said, "We just have to redo it again but first let's take a break and have dinner together."

And we did just that.

The four of us had a very nice dinner together and relaxed for a while. Now they are about to start on reworking the whole damn thing again. I don't really know sound design work.... so I am just staying apart a bit and watching them. I feel helpless but seeing their commitment and drive to make this happen, I feel pretty good too.

This might sound like a cliche, but honestly when you have a great team, even the crappiest of events seem not so crappy.

God bless them.

509 more to go.


  1. all the very best to you and your team for the last lap! good to see you guys face every challenge with gritty determination :)

  2. v true...kudos to your wonderful team....u r indeed v lucky to be working with such dedicated ppl....all the v best ...everything is going to be perfect...God is with you all