Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 477: Rating!

After all that confusion and worry over a censorship rating, Mausams finally got a "PG" rating today!!! Yay!

It makes my day SO much, I can't do justice to it in words!

More so because no matter what, with or without rating, we had decided to start printing publicity materials tomorrow at 10am. We could not possibly wait anymore because this was the last weekend to make any decent publicity efforts. We had decided that the rating would be a "TBC" on the materials temporarily. This, however, would have meant that once the rating is out, whenever that may be, we would have had to go for another round of printing, which in turn means more money, time etc.

But this evening, at 9pm, this sweet chap from MDA called and confirmed that the classification process is done and that we have our final rating!

We can start printing out publicity materials tomorrow at 10am with the final rating.

Yes! Thank you God!

523 more to go.

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