Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 478: Miserably Small. Incredibly Beautiful.

11 March, 2011

The day that the horrifying earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. The aerial footage of a massive wave systematically wiping off a town was the most disturbing thing I have ever watched. Home, vehicles and presumably humans and animals being washed away. Cars on a highway nearby speeding as much as they possibly can, from the gigantic wave closing in hopelessly on them. When land, water and fire were against man, all at once - nature at it's cruelest.

It brought a sharp awareness of how blessed is to live a life through normally enough and how lucky one is if death too is a plain affair.

All the events that made me smile during the day then felt both miserably small yet incredibly beautiful.

a) Catching up with a few of Mausams team members and together going to watch a dance show at my good, old alma mater NUS - bringing back memories of my own days of dance performances at the same venue, in front of a similar audience.

b) Printed Mausams posters and flyers in my hands - complete with the rating.

c) Giving the first flyer to my dance teacher at NUS, getting her blessings for the film.

d) Having a stranger coming up to me, asking me whether I was the one who made the film Mausams and how she can get the tickets.

e) Fun dinner with a couple of the Mausams cast and our dear young cinematographer.

Like I said, all pathetically little but incredible beautiful events because at least am around today alive and kicking to be able to experience them.

522 more to go.

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