Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 431: Swiss Curry!

24 January, 2011

It was a fairly nice day. Any day that begins with a view of the beautiful range of the Alps, gotta be decent after all. I had a good time in the office as well, meeting my global team and having some pretty effective meetings too! Plus, I even managed to work out in the gym in the evening - it gives me a lot of pride-induced pleasure when I manage to exercise during a business trip! So yeah, for all the above-mentioned reasons, the day was really nice.

But the highlight, I must admit, was the discovery of the Swiss curry!

Since it was too dark and cold to go out anywhere for dinner, and also since I had a fair bit of work and had to squeeze in gym time as well, I spent the whole evening in the hotel. And I decided to order room service for dinner. What caught my eye on the menu, which was otherwise primarily filled with Italian dishes, was the presence of a "Thai Wok Panang Curry Chicken". Yeah, it says "Panang" not "Penang" as one would expect it to. Anyway, ignoring such trivialities, I went ahead and ordered it because it seemed like the only thing with any interesting flavour in that entire list (FYI, am not a fan of Italian food - it is quite bland to my fiery Indian taste buds).

And yes, the Panang Curry Chicken arrived. And I must say it tasted absolutely nothing like any of the chicken curries I've ever had before! But it was really really yummy! And the most interesting part was that it had a ton of grated cabbage and carrots and other vegetables in it, which was such an interesting addition to a chicken curry! So first I was taken aback but then I was totally bowled over by it!

The best food I've had in any Swiss restaurant. Hands down!

Here's to the marvel of the Swiss Panang Curry Chicken!

569 more to go.

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