Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 435: Lake Leman, Seagulls, Cold, Chat, Bus

28 January, 2010

Today was the last day of the marathon meeting session here in Geneva and I will be returning back to Singapore early tomorrow. So when the meetings ended early at 3pm, I wanted to make the most of it and go to the lakeside, where I had not been to this visit.

A colleague joined me and together we set off to the lake. Here's a quick summary of whatever that made me smile...

a) Of course, the beautiful Lake Leman (yeah, apparently that's what it's called according to Wiki)
b) The large number of seagulls that were flying (gliding, rather) really low and who seemed utterly fearless of humans.
c) The bone chilling cold that made me shiver... I was certain that I would be returning back with no ears and nose which were all super numb.
d) The nice long chat I had with the colleague over a cup of awesome hot chocolate.
e) The bus ride I took back alone... that was definitely a new experience - a ride in a public bus anywhere in Europe!

All in all, a fantastic evening and a good ending to the Geneva trip! Now it's time to get back home!

365 more to go.

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