Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 429: A Reward for Productivity!

Today could easily have been one of those days that would have passed by without anything significant happening. This is because am travelling tonight to Geneva and usually I like to take it easy just before and after long travels. But considering the amount of work that's around I decided to buck up and make the most out of the day. AND I like to think that I got rewarded for it! But before we get to that here's why I think I have been immensely productive

a) I woke up early on a saturday which is quite a big deal
b) I did a considerable amount of office work, including some things that had been pending for weeks.
c) I did a considerable amount of work on the film as well.
d) I went for yoga
e) I met up with my cinematographer and briefed him on things to get done while I am away
f) I packed, including some packing for upcoming Australia-New Zealand trip
g) I cleaned up some of the mess in the house

As you can see, it has been productive. Which brings us to the question of what the reward was. OK here's the disclaimer - whatever I did today is not directly related to the reward but then again, I like to believe in karma and all that... so. Let's just assume it all added on, OK?

So here we go... .Today for the first time ever, I could lock that damn knee in a standing-head-to-knee pose at yoga!!! Buhahahahaha (sorry, but am delirious with happiness)!

The final stage is the one on extreme right but I could never even do the one on extreme left because locking that parallel-to-ground leg has always been a problem. But the fact that today I could do it means SO SO SO much!

I feel that this is more of a reward than achievement because I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to do this! I had achieved progress in a lot of other postures but this had evaded me badly from day one. Somehow there was zero progress over the last couple of years!

But today it happened! Just like that!

And I feel rewarded!

571 more to go.

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