Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 422: Chaat, Chai and Chat

15 January, 2011

I was back to dubbing work today after what seems like a really long time (even though it's been only a two week break from it). But the whole experience was very very pleasant thanks to:

a) The continuous flow of amazing chaats my in-laws prepared! I hardly stepped out of the study room where the dub progressed but had all the absolutely yummilicious items brought in at regular intervals of time! The hubby thought I was unnecessarily being fussed over, but who cares!

b) Cast catch ups - Even though I had been seeing them rather frequently except for the past 2 weeks, it seemed like ages since I met the members of the cast! So to have them at home once again for the dubs and catching up, felt good!

c) Chai & Chat - The last person to dub was super sweet and made me some really good chai (then I felt really fussed over)! Hubby and in-laws had gone out for some shopping, so she and I settled down on the couch for a long chat over the chai - about Mausams so far, everyone associated with the project, future ideas etc. Sweet.

378 more to go.

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