Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 417: Mommy Dear!

10 January, 2011

During some of her previous visits, my mom had contributed so many interesting experiences that had made their way to this blog. Due to their entertaining nature, people would comment on them and I would readily report them back to my mom, She in turn, would feel immensely pleased at being the centre of attention of everyone who reads the blog and would also have a special soft corner for those who say how cool or fun she is.

During this visit, however, I had not written much about her. Not because there were not enough entertaining stories but because I had chosen some other bright spot of the day to write about.

Today, I got to spend a considerable amount of time with her alone. The hubby and in-laws had other plans, so we were left to ourselves. And that was quite fun too.... we had usual mother-daughter bonding, which generally consists of her sharing with me the latest and greatest gossips from my hometown, me cribbing about work and life, she asking me when am gonna have a baby for the millionth time, me ignoring her when it comes to that, she trying to update me with the latest on some Malayalam TV show while I try to convince her that am the least interested in knowing what the protagonist did to her mom-in-law or vice versa, me telling her how I like eating a particular dish and she immediately rattling off the recipe to no future avail of course, she showcasing all her bargain buys from her daily shopping ritual to me and then when I agree that something is indeed a good buy she goes on to detail the shop, location, bus number etc. that would help me to get the same item for myself as well, etc. etc.

While the beauty of today was the few hours we spent chatting with each other, I think I will take this opportunity to highlight one entertaining incident that did take place - courtesy my mom. One of the highlights from her trip this time!

The background is that I had planned to send both my parents as well as the hubby's parents on a trip to Europe. The idea was that I would book them on a group escorted tour, and the four of them would have a holiday together in Europe. Accordingly, a couple of weeks ago, I made the booking for the trip.

I was very excited by the fact that all the parents would finally get to see Europe! Very eagerly, just as I made my booking, I started explaining the trip to my mom.

Me: Amma, I booked your Europe trip!!
Mom: OK.
Me: It is a 2 week trip!!!!
Mom: OK.
Me: You will get to visit EIGHT different countries!!!
Mom: OK.
Me: AND you get to go to both Paris and Switzerland, both great places!!!!
Mom: OK.
Me: So.... what do you think?!!!! (pretty much expecting my mom to gush and tell me what a terrific plan this is and how I am the best daughter ever!).
Mom: OK. So when am I going to Australia?

OK then.

583 more to go.

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