Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 424: 9 Years!

17 January, 2011

As of today, the hubby and I have completed nine eventful years of being a "couple".

To both of us, this day is definitely more significant than our wedding anniversary. This may seem strange but Jan 17th was always The Day for us in university. And in any case, we are yet to agree on the date of our wedding anniversary. You see, we had a north Indian wedding and the festivities started on Feb 12th night and end on Feb 13th morning. Since the most important ritual of the saat pheras was done on 13th, I think that's our wedding date. But according to the hubby, the wedding date is always the date when the guests have their dinner, which was very clearly on Feb 12th evening. You get the obvious conflict here.

So back to the 9-year story. Even though the day is significant in our minds, usually we hardly do anything special on the day. A nice dinner is probably the max we would stretch it. But this time, it turned out to be rather happening.

Since I found myself on the Sentosa island for an office event in the evening, the hubby too came there and we took a really long cable car ride at night! It was really nice... I had not been on it for about 5 years now, so it was quite fun! The view from the "jewel"-studded cable cars was spectacular and add to that the unusually cool night and it was perfect!

The cable car ride was followed by a visit to our favourite Clarke Quay which was, to my surprise, brimming with people on a Monday night! We had some awesome dinner over Indian music playing from one end and Mediterranean on the other.

So yes, the 9th "being-a-couple" anniversary ended up being more happening than what we had foreseen. Of course, none's complaining. Here's to the 10 year.

576 more to go.

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