Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 425: Two Songs!

18 January, 2011

Two songs played on an infinite loop on my ipod in office today. Both are amazing pieces of music obviously, (otherwise why would I have them on loop?!) but they are also very, very, very, very special because one of them is the theme music for Mausams and the other is a piece of music for my next project post Mausams. Two different but equally brilliant geniuses have worked on these and both the pieces had reached me over the last couple of days. But thanks to my insane schedule at work and after, I had not been able to spend some time with them until today.

But today as I worked on those endless number of to-dos in office, I had these playing and they made all that work a lot less painful than otherwise. And they also made me incredibly happy because I too, even though in a very small way, had a part to play in their making!

575 more to go.

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